Why is Agile better than Waterfall?

Why is Agile better than Waterfall?

The Agile and Waterfall are software development methodologies. Before reasoning why, we should talk about both the methods in brief.

Agile Methodology: 

Agile methodology is an exercise that helps the constant iteration of development and testing in the software development process. In this method, development and testing activities are simultaneous. This method consents more communication between consumers, developers, managers, and testers.The Agile, broadly used and known method for software development.

Waterfall methodology:  

Waterfall methodology is also termed as Liner Sequential Life Cycle Model. As the name suggests, the method is carried in the sequential order and the project development team leads to the next phase of testing once the previous step is successfully completed.

Advantages of Agile over Waterfall are:

  1. Agile procedures almost abolish the risks of complete project failure. Agile means constantly having a working product that is being raised right from the very first start so that projects do not fail completely.
  2. The client has recurrent and early chances to evaluate the work being carried to make pronouncements and changes during the development life cycle. Waterfall doesn’t include customers in the developments.
  3. Agile encompasses repeated check-ins and demonstrations with the investors which permit for changes to be done with speed, which is good news for smaller teams and allowing them to get view quicker and making it easier for them to regulate to the wants and necessities of the customer. As said earlier, Waterfall doesn’t encourage the involvement of Customers, so there is less chance of getting feedback from customers and the team. Thus, Waterfall is not likely to be client-centric.
  4. Agile method has the advantage of predicting the cost of a project to conclude whether or not they should continue with the project. There is also a possibility of great ROI as compared to Waterfall.
  5. Surveys show, 49% of the Agile projects are positive due to its repetitive and client-first approach, whereas this percentage is restricted to 14% in Waterfall.
  6. Agile project management is flexible in the working procedure, which allows taking quick decisions for plan changes to guarantee on-time delivery. The Agile projects are delivered on-time comparatively to Waterfall.


The Agile method is progressively preferred over Waterfall nowadays. Though, Agile is advisable for the small teams as well as the big team and startups with less or more number of people involved in projects. Subsequently, Customer fulfillment is of the highest importance for any business, Agile management is highly recommended. Research also shows 57% of the Agile projects have caused higher customer satisfaction.

In short, we can say Agile is better as it is:

  • Less susceptible to fault
  • Extra flexible
  • Sure for the end product
  • More open to variations/additions
  • Client associated