Take a look at what is planning Poker

Planning poker is one of the best tools that refer to the technique in agile software development. It is also known as a Scrum team in order to manage its members in order to estimate the complexity of a user story. It is quite beneficial for the objective of planning for the team member’s input on how difficult the story is and it offers the valuable skills to manage the size of the story appropriately. When it comes to starting poker planning, a product owner or a customer is required to read the story of agile users. So if you are a user and making a plan on winning in anything in life, you need to go for a plan. All you are required to do is just set the limit on your loss or benefits and stick to it and even you can do some research on Poker easily.

Use of Planning Poker:

Whenever the Scrum team is facing an error with the projector breakdown, and distribution of project requirements, poker is really responsible to fix the problem by searching the solution. All the entries are important to show at the prioritized level and the Scrum Product Backlog is ordered easily. In order to full the requirement of the task of Poker, the Scrum Product Owner with the help of team does the prioritization and adds the value, cost, and risks are the most common factors for first level task.

Planning Poker Estimation:

In the planning poker estimated technique is most important for the user stories, are derived by playing planning poker. It plays a deck of cards have the numbers in sequences 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc. These numbers present the story point and each estimator has a deck of cards. It is also important to notice that all the number should be visual in large so that all team members can watch is conveniently.     

When we can utilize Planning Poker?

The use of planning Poker is refers to the technique in the agile software development and the product owner and customer read the story or describe the feature and services to the estimators. It is being said that the team start holding the planning Poker session shortly after written an initial product backlog. This type of the session is generally used to create initial estimates that are highly useful in the scope and gives the value to products in all respects.

How does Planning Poker work with a distributed team?

If you wish to collect the information about the work of planning poker with a distributed team, you must understand a simple concept in sequence ways.

  • First of all, you need to launch an internet browser and type planningpoker.com on the URL and press the enter button.
  • You can simply log in Scrum Master or Agile coach and a product owner’s account and set of items to be estimated.
  • While doing so you can share your private URL with estimators who can easily log in as well as join the conference call.
  • They can also use the Skype session and thus you can access to the agile estimating and planning that comes in person.

Planning poker works for:

  • Teams estimating with Planning Poker consistently report that they achieve accurate estimates.
  • It leads to better estimates as it brings together multiple experts’ opinions.
  • It helps during poker planning when a lively dialogue ensues and manages the task.

Further, it also helps in the group discussion of estimates during agile estimating and planning for the better result.

If you want to get the planning poker cards, then you can download it on your mobile device using Google or Apple play store.