About Us

About Us

SCRUMVersity, a name to reckon with! Offers a plethora of courses, a vision to not only excel but to lead and create ample opportunities for those seeking a career in Project Management. The institution is about the world of exploring, defining and providing the best to clients globally.

Scrumversity is a visionary platform for professionals who are looking forward to managing organizations by using SCRUM. The question arises for new as well as experience- What is SCRUM and why do we NEED it?

Even before we begin to answer this Question, have a look at why you should choose SCRUMVERSITY?

  1. The best in-house and offline Training Modules
  2. Trainers with avid experience and hands on experience of real life scenarios
  3. Global connect
  4. Trainings done across boundaries, inturn ensuring that the courses are apt for the Global platform.
  5. Learning doesn’t know boundaries and we believe in it. We offer the best courses with case studies and within the comfort of your workplace
  6. Get certified and cut the edge in the global market with us

We believe in not educating but empowering the young professionals seeking a career growth via SCRUM.

SCRUM is a certification training that provides a complete overview of the Scrum framework for agile project management. It delivers the SCRUM basics, SCRUM lifecycle, and prepares the professionals for practical implementation of SCRUM. If you have the will, we have the opportunity! If you wish to be a SCRUM Professional we have the certification for you. From Online Exams to courses, case studies, real life situations to get hands-on-experience, it is all covered by us.

Dare to Dream, Dream Big, Dare to see Beyond, Just go for it!

SCRUMVersity! Where dreams begin to turn into a Reality! Let yours be the next one!