Why Us

Why Scrumversity

  • We have courses based on the key concepts of AGILE and SCRUM
  • We are accredited for providing the best education in every aspect which is commendable
  • Interactive, Discussion based and scientifically proven teaching techniques take us a step beyond.
  • Making the best of social media, we help the SCRUM/AGILE community stay connected and active all through fruitful discussions
  • Reading is a must and we ensure that our students/professionals remain updated through apps, blogs, videos, articles and write ups about SCRUM/AGILE
  • Modules with different time limits to enhance e-learning study and reflection through videos and case studies to make every student/professional self reliant.
  • You get certified by a highly skilled body- SCRUMVersity
  • Our trainers undergo rigorous sessions through our Train the Trainer module which has a global perspective to it.
  • We take pride in having certified more than six thousand students in a month. That is huge!
  • Partnering in our journey our more than 1500 passionate professionals across sixty countries. A small step each one takes to ensure the best under one roof
  • The tremendous record of having trained more than 125,000 professionals across 4000 companies
  • SCRUMVersity courses have a good acceptance in the industry
  • SCRUMVersity has more than 1500 A.T.P.s globally
  • Our certifications are accepted by numerous Fortune five hundred companies which is a remarkable achievement
  • SCRUMVersity ensures credible and standard testing environment for the trainees
  • SCRUMVersity has the largest network of accredited training companies who offers this certification