Why Us

Why Scrumversity

  • SCRUMVersity courses are based on the key concepts of AGILE and SCRUM
  • SCRUMVersity courses are completely based on SCRUMVersity Trainingware
  • SCRUMVersity has been accredited for the quality of delivered education
  • SCRUMVersity prefers interactive and scientifically proven teaching techniques
  • SCRUMVersity helps in engaging the SCRUM/AGILE community by active social media discussions
  • SCRUMVersity offers free resources like articles, blogs, videos, and mobile apps to the trainees
  • SCRUMVersity caters 10 hours of free online self-study by using videos and case studies
  • SCRUMVersity has a highly skilled body
  • SCRUMVersity trainers regularly participate in "Train-the-Trainer" sessions for being updated
  • SCRUMVersity certifies more than six thousand students in a month
  • SCRUMVersity has more than 1,500 partners in sixty countries
  • SCRUMVersity has trained more than 125,000 professionals from more than 4000 companies
  • SCRUMVersity courses have easy acceptance in the industry
  • SCRUMVersity has more than 1500 A.T.P.s globally
  • SCRUMVersity courses have been accepted by numerous Fortune five hundred companies
  • SCRUMVersity ensures credible and standard testing environment for the trainees
  • SCRUMVersity has the largest network of accredited training companies who are offering their certifications