Scrum Developer Professionals (SDP™)

Scrum Developer Professionals (SDP™)


Scrum has been visualized as an administration and control process that focuses on quality to build programming that addresses a number of business issues. Scrum is a straightforward structure of powerful group cooperation that is based upon complex programming ventures. These two features actually make it incredible and so much more relevant for businesses today.

Scrum Developer Professionals is surely one of the most sought after course in IT industry on a global platform today. They are much in demand not as just professionals but visionaries who can give the business a totally new look. This is a three days/24 hours professional course where people can learn about Scrum where they frequently do necessity building, outline including improvement and tests with combination and setting inside a solitary cycle. It involves a number of things like: Mixed Learning Conveyance Display (involves self-managed e-learning as well as teacher driven choices), includes course, classification, and estimations. It also involves Venture class learning administration framework (LMS) and improved announcements for people and groups.

Scrum Developer Certification

What are the benefits of a Scrum Developer Certification?
Scrum Developer Certification Training
  • Candidates get hold of the SCRUM basics which is essential
  • It is more about aptitude and attitude which benefits SCRUM professionals
  • Individuals help you enhance your project designing skills leading to effective analysis and presentations
  • The accreditation of Scrum, benefits your association big time
  • It gives you an advantage to receive more on Agile technique
  • Scrum is like a very strong bridge which helps you stay connected with your companions
  • It is not just a degree but a skill oriented process driven more through real life scenarios, projects and hands on experiences shared by industry professionals.
Exam Format for Scrum Developer Certification Training
  • Multiple Choice Questions (60)
  • No negative marking
  • Duration of the exam is 90 minutes
  • Exam clearance depends on skills and evaluation
Audience Profile

This Scrum Developer Professional course is proposed for all individuals who form a Scrum Development Team that comprises of engineers, software engineers, data base designers and analyzers.

How does the user apply for Scrum certification?

Every individual can register for free, on and apply online for the scrum certification exam.

How to maintain Certification status of Scrum?

It is required for a Scrum Developer Professional to earn 25 recertification credits in every 3 years, to maintain the certification status of scrum.

Pre- Requisite-
  • Basic knowledge of SCRUM
  • In case you are already a SCRUM professional, the 16 hours of training will be useful here.
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