Scrumversity Kanban Professional (SKPTM)

Since the organisations all across the globe are adapting to the Agile and Scrum environments, getting a Kanban certification in these times will positively impact your career growth and development. The demand for certified Kanban professionals is on a rise and it is nowhere decreasing in the coming future.

Kanban practices and techniques are extensively used in business environments to maximise the delivery productivity and ensure smooth collaborations of several teams working together to achieve a unified goal.

The Scrumversity Kanban Professional certification will give you the opportunity to launch your Agile career with a bang and you can further develop your skills and knowledge for advancement in your career. Scrumversity offers a 16-hour long training session through the authorised training providers. The program aims at strengthening the skills of the candidates who wish to crack the Scrumversity Kanban Professional examination.

Scrumversity Kanban Professional Certification

What are the Benefits ot The Scrumversity Kanban Professional Certification?

  • The Scrumversity Kanban Professional certification will allow you to comprehend the contemporary Kanban methods, its prime principles and practices.
  • Deal with the existing work environment in a smoother way by curating and implementing Kanban systems for extracting effective performance by the teams.
  • Get down on the improvisation of the delivery process and systems through the implementation of the Kanban processes and systems.
  • Understand how to do effective collaborations and multitasking which results in the maximisation of the productivity as far as pull-based workflow is concerned.
  • Achieve a smooth functioning of all the processes taking place in an organisation through continuous involvement in the Kanban practices and techniques that are tested and proven to deliver desired results and outcomes.
  • With the help of the Scrumversity Kanban Professional certification, professionals will be able to deploy Kanban method as primary menthol in several Agile teams and this will allow you a better chance at adaptability in the flickering business environments.

Scrumversity Kanban Professional Examination Format:

  • The Scrumversity Kanban Professional examination is a closed book examination that comprises a total of 45 questions.
  • The questions asked in the examination are based on subjective and case study type questions.
  • The total time allotted to complete the whole examination is 60 minutes or one hour.
  • In order to qualify the examination, one must secure 85% marks. This is the minimum passing score.

Scrumversity Kanban Professional Certification Training


The Scrumversity Kanban Professional certification and training is an ideal option for those looking to get expertise in the Kanban systems and are fully aware of the Scrum and Agile techniques and concepts.

  1. Scrum Masters
  2. Developers
  3. Managers
  4. Product Owners
  5. Team Members
  6. CIOs
  7. Department Managers
  8. Line Managers
  9. Team leaders
  10. Project Managers
  11. Technical Leaders
  12. Engineers
  13. Someone having any one of the certifications like Expert Scrum Master professional ( ESMP), Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional ( ESPOP) or Expert Scrum Developer Professionals ( ESDP)

What are the Prerequisites Needed to Take the Scrumversity Kanban Professional Certification and Training?

If you are interested to obtain the Scrumversity Kanban Professional certification and training you must have one of the following credentials with you. The credentials are as follows:

  1. Expert Scrum Master Professional certification
  2. Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional certification
  3. Expert Scrum Developer Professional Certification.

A candidate along with the above-mentioned certifications must also satisfy the minimum work experience requirements.


If you are willing to take the Scrumversity Kanban professional certification and the training course then first you need to register at the scrumversity official website that is Become a registered candidate and submit a properly filled application form for the Scrumversity Kanban Professional examination.

If you need assistance you can opt for 16 hour long training sessions provided by the Scrumversity’s authorized training partners. To check the list of the authorized training partners and providers, visit

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