Scrum Characteristics

Scrum Characteristics

By Scrum characteristics,individual should know that it is an agile based process which could be used to manage and control software with product development.It depends on using repetitive and accumulative practices.It involves existing engineering practices which includes Extreme Programming and Rapid Unified Process.It produces and creates benefits of agile development with the leverage of simple implementation.This is a flexible, quick, and self-organizing with several new things.Also there is need to remember that the emphasis is on process framework and will not be on the methodology

Self-Organized -
Time-boxed –

We used to listen the word self-organized at the time when discussion that held among Scrum Teams.It can be exactly called as the self-organized team.According to the definition, this is the group of self-motivated individuals, who work together and have the ability and authority to take decisions.The meaning of self-organization doesn’t means that the workers will do the organization design on the behalf of managers.It will not allow people to do whatever they want.The management is completely committed to guide the evolution of behaviors which emerged from the interaction of independent agents.

Empowered -

Empowerment of a scrum team comes from many, right from whether the team is equipped with the right set of resources to deliver what is expected, to the autonomy to make the right decisions to move forward. In scrum the decision making is based on observation and experimentation, rather than on detailed upfront planning by somebody who is not a part of the scrum team. Though management oversee becomes essential for the Scrum Team to keep the focus on the goals of the project and that of the organization, the scrum team runs like a well-oiled machine that is empowered to take decisions that affect the team’s commitment towards achieving its goal.

Collaboration -

Scrum is not always about individual success stories,this is about the team’s achievement and team’s failure.It is the culture which nurtures and help team learning from their achievements.It helps in learning more from the mistakes for moving forward.This is the responsibility of an organization to transmit a culture which will not handicap the scrum team for mistakes.It even encourages experimentation that leads to innovation.

Shared Goal & Purpose-

Any integrated team organization will lead to the shared purpose.The team that wouldn’t share a common motive,will not achieve the goal or may got fail.Now a days, it becomes extremely important for a scrum team to have same goal and the only function is to perform effectively.It would be always advised to the team they should have clear purpose of existence, and have goals that are charted out at a release level which will down to a sprint level. This will not different to have individual goals in a scrum team where developers sign up of individual tasks.

Optimum Size-

It is already understood why the size of the team should be optimal,this will help the members of the team to acquire right set of skills which will complement each other.It will be helpful for optimal collaboration with lesser conflicts.Generally, it has been found that as a scrum master or a scrum team member, you may be asked with the question that what is the right size of a scrum team.There are multiple answers to this question but the right answer is ‘Well, it depends’ which is completely true.One may say that there is no right or wrong number to team size,this is all about experimenting and arriving at the right size. The number of members in a scrum team should be between six to ten

Diverse Skills -

The most important thing over here is to keep the team’s skill requirements within the team.It is required to have a UX Engineer in the team, as the skill will not be available within the team.It is about putting whole effort of coordinating with that UX Expert who sits outside the team,and managing that person’s availability etc.Hence, forming a team with a right set is required

Collocated -

This is the main characteristic feature of a Scrum Team.The only expectation is that all skills should be within the team and are available within them.Most importantly,it is required that the team accumulated in the same geographical location.It is even essential to avoid any communication related unusual incidents along with better collaboration within the team. This is the way how a scrum is executed in an ideal scenario and it is the fact that we do not live in an Ideal world.We do hear a lot about distributed teams,distributed scrum is a concept which is getting more prominence. Now further, we will discuss more about distributed scrum, and about the real world problems that comes with it.