How to Renew Scrum Master Certification

How to Renew Scrum Master Certification?

You appeared teaching and labored hard to positively complete your Scrum Master Certification course. Yes, you did it and sense honored about it. Are you alert that your certification provided by the organization is effective for 2 years? What afterward? You require renewing it and you receive the next 2 years’ authority. The good news is that you don’t require taking any examination but renewing it online and for this, you are just a click away. But, there is a hook and that is what we would like to inform you.

Why must you renew the certification?

  • To differentiate yourself from others in the field
  • Increase your chance in career advancement and increase in earnings
  • Influence the future of Scrum to contribute to volunteer chances
  • Open your path towards getting additional certification
  • Promote your achievements

Don’t fear and there is nothing to burden about the method. Trust it is easy and the drive of this blog is to give you the direction in the correct path. Let’s talk about in detail about every step in Scrum Master Certification Renewal.

Steps to renew your Scrum Master certification Online:

  • Log in to your certification account
  • Click on the ‘certification dashboard’ where you can find settings.
  • Pay your renewal charge by scrolling to the ‘Actions’ window and click the renewal link.

Note: You will not be permitted to renew your certification if you are not under the six months of your present expiration date.

The fee related to your renewal is centered on the maximum level certification that you are renewing. The SEU needed is the main SEU amount for maximum level certification.

SEU is Scrum Education Unit. For Scrum Master Renewal Certification Online 20 SEUs are required. These SEUs can be made by you in the following means

  • Watching community webinar
  • Volunteering
  •  Contribute to a local user group
  •  Attend a Scrum gathering
  •  Write a Scrum or Agile blogs
  •  Study a Scrum or Agile book

Note: Every means of the SEUs has different points.