Scrum Values

Scrum Values

Initially, we covered the definition of Scrum, Scrum Philosophy including the Scrum History. It is now time to look into the values of Scrum

There are normally five values of Scrum that form the basis of our decision-making and even guide our action. These are:-

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Courage

Agile Manifesto starts with a very interesting line. “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it”. Agile never says other frameworks are redundant or are not required or after this only agile is going to be there. It just says, we are uncovering better ways, which means earlier ways are good but we are coming up with something different and new, which we feel is better.


We believe and want to dedicate ourselves to an aim of giving the best to meet the goal. Our commitment is to give you much better service based on quality.

  • It means that we concentrate and we are answerable for doing the things that we have committed ourselves to do. We ensure you that; you will have to face any inconvenience.
  • As Scrum practitioners in the global community, we would take the responsibility for fulfilling the commitments. We will provide you with better platform
  • We also make decisions and take useful actions depends upon the best interests of society and public safety We always accept responsibility for all the hassles that comes as a result of errors of our errors or omissions.
  • We eagerly and fully admit real potential conflicts of interest to the appropriate parties.
  • It is an instructive and transparency in the behaviours and actions so, that everything will have transparency
  • In the global community as a Scrum practitioner
  • We solemnly explore to understand the truth and gives you assurance that everything will be alright
  • We try to create an environment due to which others feel safe in telling the truth
  • We are trustworthy in our communications and you will not found any dirtiness
  • Even we believe in providing accurate information in transparent and timely manner

It means showing a better regard for ourselves, others and the resources allocate to us In the global community as a Scrum practitioner

  • It is required to respect the rights and behaviours of others
  • There is even need to listen to others point of view and even aspire to understand them
  • It is required to conduct ourselves in professional manner, even when it is not exchanged
  • We are required to negotiate in good faith
  • It means to do the best what we can and the ability not to give up in the global community as Scrum practitioner
  • It is required that we should share bad news even in the conditions when we know it will be poorly received
  • Even we need to avoid blaming others for the negative outcomes
  • Also, we should avoid covering information when the results would be negative
  • It is required for us to say “NO”, in lieu of making false promises