Scrum Values

Scrum Values

Initially, we covered the definition of Scrum, Scrum Philosophy including the Scrum History. It is now time to look into the Values of Scrum. While history lays the road, philosophy gives an insight into the process, it is the Values which make the process shine out even in a clutter.

There are normally five Values of Scrum that form the basis of our decision-making and even guide our action:

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Courage

Agile Manifesto starts with a very interesting line. “We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it”. Agile never says other frameworks are redundant or are not required or it is the only solution. It simply states, we are uncovering better ways, which are better, progressive and definitely the next step to the methods used prior to this.


We believe and want to dedicate ourselves to an aim of giving the best to meet the goal. If you have the commitment, the path unfolds itself in your favour. It is about the energy which culminates towards ensuring that the goal is set and achieved through efforts.

  • It implies that the commitment is towards ensuring zero inconvenience at any step.
  • As Scrum practitioners in the global community, we would take the responsibility for fulfilling the commitment to provide the best platform.
  • Taking decisions and useful actions depending upon the best interests of society and public safety.
  • We always accept responsibility for all the hassles that comes as a result of errors or omissions.
  • It is about being instructive and transparent in the behaviours and actions for trust in the global community as a Scrum practitioner
  • We solemnly explore to understand the truth and assure of more accuracy
  • A conducive environment where truth is prevalent and the only binding factor amongst all
  • We are trustworthy in our communications and you will not found any dirtiness
  • Providing accurate data and information as and when needed to help build and retain the trust

As a SCRUM practitioner displaying of self respect, regard and honouring the SCRUM community, globally at every step is the key credential here.

  • It is required to respect the rights and understand the different behaviours of others
  • Encouraging the others to present their point of view and comprehending and valuing them
  • Demonstrating professionalism even if it is one way and not reciprocated at a given point of time
  • Good faith keeps the team close knit and going all through
  • It means to do our best and the ability not to give up in the global community as a Scrum practitioner
  • Unfavourable news or feedback must be shared with the team to ensure they can be overcome at the right time
  • The blame game is a NO NO. Collaborative and not Competitive environment works here
  • False promises should be kept at a distance no matter what