How To Do Effective Capacity Planning on Scrum Team

Effective Capacity Planning

Scrum, as you might know, is a process of the agile framework that helps in the easy management of work. Initially, this framework was used for software development but with the passing years, this methodology is being explored for other research and advanced technologies. Further, this framework is specially designed for the teams that consist of 10 or few members who can easily break their work in goals that they need to complete within decided sprints ( predetermined time frame) which is no longer than 2 weeks or 1 month.

In simple words, it is one of those frameworks that help in dividing the workflow into smaller sections to achieve goals in a predetermined time frame. Hence, capacity planning for the scrum team is necessary.

Besides, many people have a query on how to do effective capacity planning on the scrum? So, for those who are willing to bring out the best results from their workflow, here are a few pointers that would help them for capacity planning.

What is Capacity Planning?

It is a process of determining the production capacity required by an organization for meeting the predetermined goals. In simple words, by using this process one can easily find the amount of work that an organization is capable of completing in the provided time frame.

So, for the people who wish to opt for capacity planning and are looking for the solutions on How to Do Agile Capacity Planning, they can read this article for complete details.

How to do Capacity Planning

Importance of Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is a very simple technique that can help one in calculating and planning the capacity for their workflow. Further, here is the step-by-step guide that one can follow to achieve the desired goals in time.

Calculate the duration of the Sprint

  • For calculating the duration of Sprint, one is required to identify the start day and end day of the Sprint.
  • In this particular case, we assume that the Sprint duration is for 2 weeks.

Calculate the availability of the members

Now, to make the concept of capacity clear, here in this particular case we are assuming that there are 7 members ( 3 tester and 4 developers).

Now, determine the work allocation percent

  • In this particular case, we are assuming that all the members are allocated to the scrum team.
  • Further, there are chances that a member might be allocated to two scrum teams. So, it is required that a particular member is identified.

Calculate the standard hours of work

  • If we assume that each member has a maximum of 8 hours per day on full allocation. Then, for 10 days Sprint the maximum capacity would be 520 hours for the complete team with 52 hours per day.
  • In simple words, each member has 80 hours for 10 days.

Now, other factors need to be considered

The other factor includes team holiday, member’s working off and override the working hours of the particular member.

Consider other works that might affect the allocated timings

These works can include meetings or Agile ceremonies.

Determine the focus factor

Now, one is required to plan accordingly so that the members can work effectively and get over the unplanned losses, meetings to reach the determined goal.

And once all these factors are calculated and considered properly then, one can easily calculate the capacity of the Sprint and achieve the desired in the determined time frame. Further, they can also prepare Capacity Planning Worksheet for Scrum teams and work effectively.

Hence, this is a simple process that one can follow for capacity planning and bring out the best results as planned.