Scrumversity Scaled Scrum Professional (SSSPTM)

SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional (SSSPTM)

SCRUMVersity scaled framework is a simple structure that deals with the scaling of Scrum amongst all parts of numerous teams dealing with the delivery of an integrated product. A combined increment after every sprint is taken into consideration, thus reducing dependencies with every sprint further. This practice or framework helps organizations to achieve the delivery of a single integrated product with much ease.

Scaled Scrum Professional certification allows the candidates to master the scaling of Scrum along with the proficiency in utilizing the SCRUMVersity Scaled framework. The training offered our authorized training providers lasts for 16 hours and extensively covers the SCRUMVersity Scaled Guide, the Scrum Guide and the Agile Manifesto and Principles. This is really interesting, exciting and very exploratory in nature thus giving every individual an opportunity to revive their skills and demonstrate effective practices.

What are the benefits of the SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional Certification?

  • The Scaled Scrum Professional Certification allows an individual to venture into the scaled software management and the process of product development with the help of SCRUMVersity Scaled framework, Manage and synchronize multiple Scrum teams that are utilizing the Scrum and Agile concepts, theories and practices in day to day functioning.
  • After getting the certification an individual will be able to exemplify his/her knowledge and skills at a global level. This not only creates a pool of opportunities but also adds to their personality development as a Scaled Scrum Professional.
  • Undertaking large scale development initiatives comes easy and one is able to resolve the complexities and challenges much more efficiently and effectively. This practice helps the organization to become more productive and leads the path towards offering the best assistance in the far-reaching development initiatives. This inturn results in good results, better productivity, more efficiency and less of hassle.
  • Eradication of dependencies from the overall process of the development initiatives which leads to more productivity and a better success rate.
  • Comprehension of planning at scale using SCRUMVersity Scaled practices and technologies.
  • Commencement and understanding the new Scaled Integration team role and all the contemporary practices associated with it. This is really a good step for career enhancement at a global level.

SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional Certification Training

Examination Format of the SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional:

  1. The total time given to attend the examination is 90 minutes.
  2. There will be 60 subjective and case study based questions.
  3. The SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional examination is a closed-book examination and the medium of language is English.
  4. Exam clearance depends on skills and evaluation


The SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional certification is advantageous for the following professionals:

  1. Scrum Masters
  2. Agile Coaches
  3. Team Leaders
  4. IT Managers
  5. Software Developers
  6. Program Managers
  7. Product Managers
  8. Product Owners
  9. Project Managers

Note: The above professionals must meet the minimum requirements in order to undergo the training and the course.

What Are the pre-requisites needed for the SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional?

For taking up the course and the training, a candidate should have at least one of the following certifications:

  1. Expert Scrum Master Professional or equivalent
  2. Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional or equivalent
  3. Expert Scrum Developer Professional or equivalent

How to apply for the SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional Certification?

  1. In order to obtain the certification, one must qualify the examination.
  2. Register yourself at and fill the application form for the examination.
  3. Once you clear the examination, SCRUMVersity shall award you with a certificate that will validate you as a SCRUMVersity Scaled Scrum Professional.
  4. Training options from the SCRUMVersity’s authorized training providers are also available. To know more about the authorized training partners, navigate through
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