SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC™)

SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC™)


SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC) plans on training the Scrum experts to oversee complex Scrum tasks and actualize Scrum in complex activities including enormous undertakings in groups, projects and various portfolios. It additionally encourages professionals to get numerous implementation platforms and conference projects in Scrum.

In the role of being an Agile Coach, you are expected to be the light-footed master, and in the number one spot to enable customers to receive and enhance coordination at task or at an enterprise level. You will help associations in effectively changing waterfall driven projects towards an Agile/Scrum driven project setup and oversee corporate wide Agile programming designing help over the client association.

As an Agile Coach, you are expected to be a trusted advisor and consultant to Senior Management in how to setup, develop and scale an Agile setup, and utilization of various Agile scaling structures. Alongside this you are headed to enable groups to team up and settle on successful choices advancing versatile arranging, transformative advancement, early conveyance and nonstop change. You will instruct partners and customers of every extraordinary level on the nimble standards.

SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach Certification

How to Become a SCRUMVersity Certified Agile Coach

  • Submit an application and provide the necessary details of the Scrum/Agile projects successfully implemented by you.
  • You will be required to pay $300 towards SCRUMVersity SAAC as an application fee. After going through the documents that are submitted by an aspiring applicant, SCRUMVersity certifies the applicant as a SCRUMVersity Approved Agile Coach (SAAC) - and they will be awarded with an endorsement certificate making them qualified to be able to provide consultancy and aid in executing Scrum methodologies in other organizations.
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