Scrumversity Certified Trainer (SCT™)

Scrumversity Certified Trainer (SCT™)


The demand for Scrum trainers is skyrocketing today globally. Scrum and Agile have become an integral part of organizations with more and more people getting enthusiastic to participate in the Scrum and Agile trainings. This leads to the conclusion that there are individuals interested in the Scrum and Agile field and require qualified and professional trainers or coaches for mentoring purposes.

If you are someone with an overall knowledge of Scrum and Agile and holds a number of Scrum related certifications, then this is the right time to add another feather in your cap by becoming a certified Scrum trainer. Explore the opportunities that will take you ahead in your career growth to achieve outstanding success.

What are The Benefits of the SCRUMVersity Certified Trainer?

  • SCRUMVersity certified trainers are experienced professionals who have an overall knowledge of Scrum and Agile.
  • Being a certified Scrum trainer gives you recognition as an expert and you are competent enough to lead, apply, teach and coach Scrum to the aspiring individuals.
  • It allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge and become able enough to influence professionals all across the globe.
  • A person aiming to become a SCRUMVersity certified trainer must have the willingness to share their real-life experiences with the candidates seeking training from him/her.

The Examination Format for a SCRUMVersity Certified Trainer:

Once all the minimum requirements are complete, you can head on to the path of getting yourself certified to become a Scrum trainer. The procedure of becoming a SCRUMVersity certified trainer follows a two-way path where first you need to submit your application and then go through an interview segment. Once this is done and you qualify; you will receive a certification that validates you as a SCRUMVersity certified trainer and finally begin your training journey.

The application process is divided into two stages where first a candidate needs to submit an online application and once the application is approved he/she will be called for an interview process. After the successful completion of the interview, a certification will be awarded to the candidate.

It might sound easy as ABC, but in reality, it takes a lot of efforts to get certified as a trainer. Let's take a detailed look at the whole process.

Step 1: You need to fill an online application stating and demonstrating why you are an apt candidate for becoming a certified Scrum trainer.

Step 2: All your applications will go for the screening process. The screening takes place by the SCRUMVersity panelist and they evaluate it keeping in mind all the benchmarks for becoming a certified Scrum trainer.

Step 3: Once your application is successfully submitted, it will further go for a formal review where the trainer approval committee will evaluate your application and if it satisfies all the requirements and the standards, you will receive an approval and your formal interview will get scheduled.

If the Trainer Approval committee denies your application then you will receive another application date along with a detailed feedback.

Step 4: You will be called in for a face to face interview or Video conferencing and the panelists will see whether or not you are an example of a global leader in Agile and Scrum and do you have the caliber to demonstrate all your training abilities on a global platform.

In case, if the panel does not approve your qualifications then you will be given another date for an interview

Step 5: If you qualify in the interview and the SCRUMVersity panel is sure that you meet all of the certification standards and requirements then a certification will be offered to you that will validate you as a SCRUMVersity certified trainer.

NOTE: The personal interview comprises of two parts wherein first your interview is held with the panelists and then you need to demonstrate your teaching abilities by actively participating in a 20 minutes long ‘real classroom replica’ setting.

What are the Prerequisites for SCRUMVersity Certified Trainer?

  • To be eligible for training and the certification, the aspiring candidates must have any of the certifications listed here:
    1. Expert Scrum Master Professional (ESMP) or equivalent
    2. Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional (ESPOP) or equivalent
    3. Expert Scrum Developer Professional (ESDP) or equivalent
  • All the candidates must have certification in the field that they desire to teach.
  • Complete knowledge of the Scrum and Agile related resources is mandatory and beneficial in comprehending the Scrum concepts.

How to Apply for the SCRUMVersity Certified Trainer Certification?

Here are the simple steps to follow-

  1. Create your account on and log in.
  2. Fill the application form for the examination.
  3. The examination schedule will be shared with the applicant at the earliest.
  4. The interested candidates can also take assistance from the training programs provided by the trainers authorized by SCRUMVersity
  5. Further information is available on just one click on

Although the process requires a lot of efforts, it surely is exceptionally satisfying.

Begin your training journey today with SCRUMVersity and open your gateway to success and never-ending learning, exploring and growing each day.

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