SCRUMVersity Certified Trainers (SCT™)

SCRUMVersity Certified Trainers (SCT™)


To become a SCRUMVersity Certified Trainers, the person who is going to teach a subject should have a complete and proper knowledge in his/her subject. The trainer who will be perfect in their subject in any particular SCRUMVersity certification that includes SPOP, SMP, ASMP or SDP must have the complete knowledge and know all the new information of all the concepts regarding that particular subject. The people who are into the race of becoming a certified trainer of SCRUMVersity must have the soft skills so that they could handle the situations in any class and could deliver the quality content and training to the students.

The thing that keeps the head in a tensed situation is the process for becoming an accredited SCRUMVersity Certified Trainer. The thing that you need to know is it is not as hectic as you think it is. But there are certain things that are required and they are:

  • The people who are trying to become the trainers should have a minimum work experience of 2 years and they should be willing to share their work experience in the classes when they teach.
  • For becoming a trainer, the SCRUMVersity certification is must and the trainers-to-be must have three certifications out of the four exams named as SMP, SPOP, SDP and ASMP and with this, the certification of the subject that they wish to teach.
  • Now, when it comes to the resources related to the trainings, they should have a complete knowledge of the resources that are present in SCRUMVersity A.T.P. site. The trainings resources focuses on the SCRUM concepts rather than how to pass the certification exams.

SCRUMVersity Certified Trainers Certification

After the above requirements are completed, the people in a race to become the trainers can contact the SCRUMVersity and the trainers who are accredited will be certified as the SCTs or SCRUMVersity Certified Trainers.

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