Scrumversity Agile Leadership Professional (SALPTM)

Scrumversity Agile Leadership Professional (SALPTM)

Most organizations today accept Agile frameworks and methodologies but only a small percent of them succeed. Now the question arises, what makes some succeed and others lag behind.

Well, the answer lies in Leadership, it is also the Agile leaders who make or break an Agile team and hence some succeed comparatively. An Agile leader is the one who is responsible to execute Agile methodologies in an organization. He is also responsible for the management of the Agile framework and scrutinizes its constant development in an organization.

The SCRUMVersity Agile leadership professional course offered by SCRUMVersity’s authorized training partners allows interested candidates to accelerate towards developing all the qualities of a good Agile leader. Enroll now for a 16 hour long training class and become a certified Agile Leadership Professional.

What are the Benefits of SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional Certification?

  • • A good Agile leader works with a mission and a crystal clear vision regarding the goals of an organization. Not only he works for it but also motivates others to take part in the process of generating a value-driven end product.
  • • Agile leaders are never a part of big bang releases instead they believe in work that is segregated into tasks and sub-tasks. This particular practice ensures that work is being done efficiently and all the short comings are taken care of. Thus an iterative and incremental model is followed by the Agile leader to increase the productivity of a team.
  • • Engaging in frequent communications is the Midas touch of all the good Agile leaders. This practice keeps misunderstanding and assumptions at bay in an organization.
  • • The certification allows candidates to acquire all the necessary skills of an Agile leader that constitutes having a clear mission and vision, constantly taking productive measures, proper communication, etc.
  • • They become competent in knowledge sharing skills among all the teams working together to achieve goals and missions for the organization.
  • • Get an insight into experimentation for carrying out innovations in an organization. Testing and application of new ideas and practices in the delivery system ensure much better productivity.
  • • You can properly evaluate the power of remaining focused, dedicated and aligned to carry out work effectively.
  • • Comprehension of the key problems and hindrances in the IT product and software development.
  • • Establishment and application of Agile techniques and methodologies to enhance the working environment for the teams.

SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional Exam Format:

  • • There are a total of 60 questions asked in the SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional examination.
  • • The questions asked in the examination are all subjective and case study based questions that the candidates need to answer in a given time limit of 90 minutes.
  • • The paper is in the English language and the candidates need to score well inorder to obtain the certification. The examination is under the intermediate difficulty level and follows the pattern of a closed-book examination.


The SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional certification program is the right choice for the following professionals:

  1. Consultants
  2. Executives
  3. Managers
  4. Scrum Masters
  5. Product Owners
  6. Operations Managers
  7. HR Managers
  8. PMO Leads
  9. Leaders in Agile adoption
  10. Middle Management
  11. Process Champions

Note: All the professionals must meet the minimum requirements to take the course and the certification.


In order to take the course and the training the interested candidates must ensure that they have one or either two of the following credentials:

  1. Expert Scrum Master Professional or equivalent
  2. Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional or equivalent
  3. Expert Scrum Developer Professional or equivalent

Along with this, work experience is an added advantage.

How to Apply for the SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional?

For a successful application, register yourself at and submit your duly filled application for the SCRUMVersity Agile Leadership Professional examination. Nevertheless, you can also opt for a training session offered by SCRUMVersity’s approved training providers or any training partners listed on To know more, visit our website.

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