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Why Scrumversity

Largest Accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications

SCRUMVersity has been concluded as one of the largest accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications.It has the largest Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) network having more the fifteen hundred partners in sixty different countries along with several others.

Students from 4000+ companies in 60+ countries

SCRUMVersity' has trained/certified more than 125,000 persons in delivering successful projects. More than 6,000 students are certified by 'SCRUMVersity' each month which is more than any other certification body.

Based on 'SCRUMVersity' Trainingware

All the 'SCRUMVersity' exams are based upon A Guide to the 'SCRUMVersity' Trainingware which has been developed by SCRUMVersity itself. SFP™, SMP™ and SDP™ including the SPOP™certification exams, which are usually based upon 'SCRUMVersity' Trainingware (2017).

Having better Reputation and Acceptance in the Industry

The learning which is gained by getting a 'SCRUMVersity' certification is universal in its application.On the other hand,it has been applied by organizations in diverse projects spanning an eclectic mix of industries.

Global Training Network

SCRUMVersity's' certification training has been provided by its Authorized Training Partners from all across the globe. There are more than fifteen hundred A.T.P.s present globally.It has the widest network of accredited training companies that are providing its certifications.

A Large Community to share and learn

'SCRUMVersity' is reputed and even contributes by Scrum/Agile community through active discussions on LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus along with multiple Discussion Forums and Blogs.


SCRUMVersity offers you the most comprehensive training on scrum methodology as per the industry standards. SCRUMVersity not only aims at discussing the concept but also empowers the learners and practitioners to practically implement scrum in projects across industries.

We have not only facilitated easy learning to scrum enthusiasts but have also empowered IT & software development firms to implement scrum/agile methodologies in their projects successfully and efficiently.

SCRUMVersity has successfully delivered corporate trainings to over half a million professionals across North America, Canada, Middle East and South East Asia through its team of dedicated and experienced agile coaches.

SCRUMVersity training Programs which are based in practical application, learners and practitioners will be able to take their learning to the workplace for better and desirable results.

Learn and get certified with well recognized and well reputed scrum

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Scrum Master Professional (SMPTM)

Batch ID WS100014
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Date 02-May-2020
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Scrum Master Professional (SMPTM)

Batch ID WS100015
TypeLive Virtual Classroom
Date 06-Jun-2020
Price $ 899.00 $ 799.00


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