Scrum Fundamental Professionals - SFP™

Scrum Fundamental Professionals - SFP™


SCRUM Fundamental Professional is a course which is essentially a customized course to help anybody intrigued to find out about Scrum; find out about key ideas in Scrum as characterized by SCRUMVersity; and to get an essential comprehension of how SCRUM structure functions in conveying effective projects. A Scrum Fundamental Professional is a famous and overall perceived affirmation offered by the presumed SCRUMVersity for a proficient personal improvement. Any expert who has effectively experienced SFP preparing and has indicated incredible abilities in Scrum wordings, practices and standards in the SFP exam is granted a Scrum Fundamental Professionals by the Scrum University.

Scrum Fundamental Certification

Scrum Fundamental Certification adds a feather in a person’s professional cap by providing better and greater job breaks to professionals who are motivated to build a solid base on scrum or the agile practices and development.

Exam Format
  • Firstly there are multiple choice questions
  • 60 questions are to be answered for every exam
  • One mark is granted for each correct answer that you give
  • No negative marking is awarded for wrong answers
  • 30 questions should be addressed effectively and correctly to pass the exam
  • an hour long duration
Required Audience Profile

Any individual who is engrossed in knowing a little more about Agile methodologies & Scrum technologies is eligible to take up this course and its exam subsequently for no charge at all.


So far there have been no formal Prerequisites requisites required to undertake this course or its certification.

How to Apply for Scrum Fundamental Professionals
  • Enlist for free and get SCRUMVersity primary participation group
  • Primary participation group’s individuals get free access to this course.
  • Login and access to the course. The online course incorporates:
  • Recordings of critical ideas
  • Study Guides
  • Glossary of vital terms
  • Take an online 60-questions exam. Answer 30 out of 60 addresses effectively and get perceived as "SCRUM Fundamental
  • Professionals" by SCRUMVersity.
  • Your name will be added to the SCRUMVersity Certified Professionals List
Set I
  • What is Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Definition of Scrum
  • Scrum History
  • FIVE values of scrum
  • Scrum Values defined
  • Scrum values and behaviors
  • Scrum Characteristics
Sample Certificate


4 + 2 =