What is difference between Agile Coach and Scrum Master?

Difference between Agile Coach and Scrum Master

The role of scrum master and agile coach has appeared too much in the software development companies from the last few years across the world. There is a huge demand for Agile coaches in the market. But there is lots of misconception among the people that what the need for an agile coach is while the teams are by now being coached by Scrum Masters. There are lots of similarities between both these roles and both are used to build an agile state of mind in an organization.  So it is very important to know about the difference between Agile Coach and Scrum Master which will help to understand the value of each program.
In this article, you will be learned about the main differences between Agile Coaches and Scrum Master by their roles and responsibilities.

The Scrum Master

A scrum master is always responsible to manage the process in which information is flowing.  The scrum master works with one team where it implements the basic scrum practices. The scrum master acts as a leader for his scrum team and it focuses on a single team or more people teams. The scrum master up to date on their team which is taking place inside a workplace and also ensures that the whole team is inside it.

The Roles of a Scrum Master

  • To make sure that the whole team is fully trained and is working as per the Scrum framework and agile exercises.
  • Operate and control the whole process of agile which is the scope and timeline of the overall project.
  •  Interrupt, identify, anticipate, track and remove any kind of trouble that a scrum team is facing.
  • Training other teams to make common knowledge and skills in order to fulfill a task within a proper way.

 The Agile Coach

The agile coach means having a complete understanding or knowledge of all sorts of Agile methodologies that on the far side of Scrum structure.  The agile coach focuses on multiple teams directly or indirectly via the team’s management. The role of an agile coach is always independent whose responsibility is to coach varied teams. The agile coach may either work with teams directly or through the team’s management to improve the overall agility in multiple teams.

The Roles of an Agile Coach

  • To make sure that teams are working properly together as per the framework that requires a team level.
  • To provide new techniques and tools to develop a reliable group.
  • To ensure that every employee or team are well known about their strengths in order to develop a perfect agile mindset.

Hopefully the above described information will have helped you to know about the main difference between a Scrum Master and Agile Coach roles very clearly It is always mandatory to remember that roles of both these never negates to each other because if an organization hire an Agile Coach then it does not mean they would not benefit from dedicated Scrum Masters.