What is the Career Path of a Scrum Master

Scrum Master Career Path

A scrum master has knowledge about both agile and scrum. For career progression, any role can be chosen from the available options.

If someone is a scrum master or thinking to pursue the career choice, then career path is a must. A scrum master need to know what ladder is expected to climb and what it will bring. Being a scrum master, many career options can be chosen. If anyone wants to know what is the career path for a scrum master, then here are the options:

Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Master

Agile coach

This job will make the person stand out in the crowd. The main job of an agile coach is to facilitate the implementation of Agile and Scrum. Being an Agile coach, the team members can be guided for agile adoption and reach the height of success.

The basic requirement for the job of agile coach is that the person should have proper knowledge of scrum concepts. To get more knowledge, Scrum certification can be done.

 Product owner

If a scrum master is focusing more on the building than creating something by the team, then the candidate is perfect to be a product owner. It is not exactly the career path but a movement with the scrum team. It is somewhat equivalent to the role of scrum master.


A scrum master, who is successful and has great knowledge in current profession, can become a Scrum master’s mentor. The main task of a mentor is to provide knowledge and psychological support to the team members. A mentor will always guide the team to work effectively.


To become a manager, a candidate should have detailed knowledge of Scrum. An ex-scrum master will understand the problems clearly and provide appropriate support. As a manager the candidate will have many responsibilities and roles.

 Management roles

A project managerial role is different from the scrum master. In this, a candidate is required to handle the teams by providing proper guidance to them and this career option might require prior experience.

 Other than this there are great opportunities for a Scrum master. The foremost thing required for becoming a Scrum master is its certification.

 To know about the scrum master certification training online or any other info, the course providers can be contacted. All the info to contact the training center is available on the internet.