Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP™)

Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP™)


Advanced Scrum Master Certification

Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (abbreviated as ASMP) certification is the consequent stage for Scrum enthusiast to further demonstrate their aptitude in Scrum rationality. This will test their ability to regulate complex Scrum assignments and scale Scrum in complex endeavors including gatherings, tasks and portfolios. Applicants will be conceded with the Advanced Scrum Master Professional (ASMP) validation by SCRUMVersity upon viably passing the affirmation exam.

Benefits of an Advanced Scrum Master Certification
  • It takes you to the next big leap in SCRUM
  • It adds a brand value to your existing Performa and gets you apt opportunities
  • Makes you the harbinger of success for any organization that you get associated with anywhere in the world.
  • It gives you a sense of authority and ownership for projects that you as a professional undertake. This implies less competition, less friction and more collaboration amongst employees.
  • Enables a professional to become a distinguished member of the SCRUM community leading to enhancement of skills, more efficiency and better connect at the Global level.
  • Lastly if an individual dreams to a professional SCRUM trainer, this is the utmost relevant certification opening doors to lucrative opportunities
ASMP Exam Format
  • Multiple Choice type questions
  • There are 35 questions per exam which are to be answered
  • Duration of the exam is 60 minutes
  • Passing score: 24 out of 35 (69% passing score)
  • Exam duration: You will get one hour time limit to complete this exam.
Audience Profile

This Certification is appropriate for any individual who is a specialist in the SCRUM group and deals with convoluted Scrum extend as an 'Advance Scrum Master Professional'.

  • Three years experience of overseeing Scrum/Agile Projects
  • SMP and SPOC certified.
  • Mandatory to submit 500 words review around two Scrum/Agile tasks.
  • The individual keen for this certification also has the option to go to a likewise 2-day ASMP classroom preparation given by a SCRUMVersity certified A.T.P.
How to Apply

Enroll with and apply for the exam (OR). Attend our classroom sessions by Authorized Training Partners who are enlisted on

Agile methodologies revisited
  • Lean Thinking,
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
Scrum Master competencies
  • Perspectives of a SCRUM Master
  • Facilitation
  • Training
Training the Development Team
  • Self-Organization and Team Dynamics
  • Key attributes of Effective and Efficient Teams
  • Training for high performing teams
  • DOD
  • Agile engineering practices
Training the Product Owner
  • Understanding stakeholder requirements
  • Insights into measuring value
  • Facilitating Product Envisioning
  • Advanced Product Backlog refinement
  • Training the Product Owner during retrospectives
Training the Organization
  • Organizational impediments – Barriers to Scrum adoption
  • Techniques to resolve the impediments
  • Scaling Scrum
Scrum Mastery
  • Evolving towards become a great Scrum Master
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